Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Finrize Finserv pvt. ltd (finrizefinserv.in), in conjunction with its partner companies, subsidiaries, and alliances (Mobile Apps & Websites) identify the relevance of maintaining your privacy.
The privacy policy prepared by FinrizeFinserv.in suggests that the company or group is committed to maintaining the confidentiality, security and integrity of all information provided by its users.
The privacy policy talks about how Finrize Finserv Pvt. Ltd manages personal information, data collected or received via website from users and how we keep it secure.
The privacy policy applies to both current and former visitors of the website. All website users accept and consent to the practices described in this privacy policy while visiting the website. By continuing on the website, you agree to our Privacy policy of using your information (including sensitive personal information as defined under the Information Technology Act, applicable rules, notification etc.), which may be, cautiously amended by the Website from time to time.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Our sole purpose in collecting our customer’s information is to administer and improve our website and services to enhance your experience with us. Information we collect:

  • We monitor and improve our website using the data provided by our customers and use it for product designing, launching new offers and services and fraud detection.
  • We analyze the website to ensure that it’s secure and free from technical glitches.
  • We may use your information for internal location-based analysis for services like advertisements.
  • We will abide by country laws and regulations to maintain our business-standard. We administer a carry out our obligations as per the agreement.
  • Since we are agents, we may share the information with financial institutions and lenders to get good offers.
  • We will use the information in the best possible way only as permitted by the law.

This Privacy Policy aims to

Our sole purpose in collecting our customer’s information is to administer and improve our website and services to enhance your experience with us. Information we collect:

  • Maintain, monitor and improve customer experience.
  • Let people know about our products and service updates.
  • Market products and services.
  • Conform our legal duties.
  • Maintain Copyright and Legal Rights.
  • Dealing with complaints.
  • Work on product and service designs.
  • Stimulating our business processes.
  • Comply with internal policies.

We aim to let people know about our services and benefit our customers by offering uninterrupted and hassle-free services.

Disclosures: Information Sharing:

finrizefinserv.in shall not sell/ rent/ disclose your personal information for commercial purposes to anyone as put forward in this Privacy Policy. Although we may share your information with an affiliate/business partner in cases such as a business merger, reorganization with the other entity, but it will be shared in a non-personally unidentifiable manner. The information may get shared in order to manage, expand or improve services by finrizefinserv.in and its affiliate ( a person or a company ), here, the term person is used for an individual, limited liability company, corporation, partnership, trust, unincorporated association, or any other entity.
finrizefinserv.in restricts the collection and usage of personal information under certain conditions. We may share your data in a non-personally identifiable “anonymous and aggregated” manner, and not for your individual identity. Also, we may make your information available in accordance with specific internal procedures, for ex. with government agencies for personal identification, cyber incident detection, investigation, punishment, and hearing or for any other legal purpose, where disclosure is mandatory for legal obligation. We may disclose your information with third-party services providers in legal cases and also enable providing you with uninterrupted services, under our contracts with them. This information can also be shared without any prior written consent by you. In this privacy policy, you are agreeing and sharing your consent for the Website to disclose your information, under any of the above-stated condition.
Most of our services/products involve third parties, like lenders, banks, credit card issuers as third parties on the Website. You can choose to endorse their privacy policies in addition to the privacy policy of the Website to keep your information safe. Privacy policies by third-party service providers may vary as per their user base, so we encourage you to read it properly before applying for their products and services.

Cookies: We do collect them

finrizefinserv.in and its subsidiaries use cookies (data stored by the user's computer to share more information about the user). We use both session ID cookies and persistent cookies to analyze trends, evaluate marketing methods, track performance and manage the website. You can disable cookies to restrict anyone’s access. Session ID cookies will be terminated or erased once you close or log out of your browser. These cookies minimize loading time. But Persistent Cookies stay for a long time on your computer’s hard drive, for ex. to remember your password or not is based on cookie settings. finrizefinserv.in website cookies do not fetch/ add personally identifiable information.
You can simply disable or delete similar data used by browser add-ons, such as Flash cookies, when notified by your browser or you can do the setting to prevent browsers from accepting new cookies. Read the cookies carefully as these cookies allow you to utilize some of the essential Website features.

Log Files:

Log files that we use track IP address, Internet Service Provider, Browser Type, Date/Time Stamp, Exit/ Referred Pages, Number Of Clicks, User Navigating, Platform Type, and to analyze trends and administer the site to collect multifaceted information for extensive reach. We add this information to the information provided by you to improve our marketing methods, navigation and functionality of the site, and overall analytics.

How do we secure your personal information?

We believe that when we collect your personal information, we have to keep it safe. We maintain integrity and confidentiality. To protect the information we collect from you against unlawful or illicit use, we entail appropriate organizational, technical, electronic, procedural, and physical security measures. Our storage of your data is 100% safe and secure with no chances of data loss or transmission. However, there can still be loopholes that we are still detecting. Also, users are accountable for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their essential credentials - login id and password.

Your rights over Your Personal Data:

All the information that we collect from you is used to provide you with quality services and products to benefit you in long run. However, we give you more power to control whether or not your want to your non-personal information to be collected and used online. You have the power to see what information to provide us and whatnot. If you choose to share no information, you will value it, but we may not be able to provide you with relevant services that you subscribed to earlier.

We allow you to withdraw the consent anytime that was given by you to us to collect and use your sensitive personal data or information.

For this, you can simply write us at finrizefinserve@gmail.com

But with this, finrizefinserv.in may fail to provide you services or may choose to restrict the services/ features that may require that particular information. IN such cases, we will not refund any fee that you paid at the time of the agreement. And that

Using the information shared by you, we will share important news, offer updates, special deals or general notices about your account activity. We may also request your feedback on the same. As a service provider, we value our customers. We believe that our users should be allowed to choose the kind of information they want to receive via email or SMS. We allow you to opt-out of our services as per your convenience by just unsubscribing the link provided in our marketing emails or opting out of our services by writing us at finrizefinserve@gmail.com. It may take up to 10 business days to process your request for the same. We will go through the review process and check the information provided by you at the time of log in to the Website. This is done to ensure that you are the same person or the information provided by you is correct to secure sensitive personal data.

finrizefinserv.in holds no responsibility to confirm the authenticity of any personal information or sensitive personal data provided by you or any third party.

Information Sharing With Other Sources

We mainly share your information to keep up with our services and fulfill your requirement.

Third Party Advertising

As a vendor, we may allow third-party advertising on our website to serve ads to you when you visit our Website. Such advertising may prompt you to add primary (NAP) details. They may use the information provided by you to our website to provide relevant advertisements related to preferable goods and services. We allow third-party advertisers to propagate their services or ads on our website and they may collect information related to your stay on our website along with your interaction with our products through pixel tags. This may help them generate targeted advertisements for goods and services. However, we do not reveal any personally identifiable information during the process.

Links to Other Websites

You may see affiliate sites or other sites linked to finrizefinserv.in. These affiliate sites are governed by their own privacy policy, and we expect you to go through it, once when you visit their site. Your personal information provided by you to those sites has nothing to do with us.

Changes in this Privacy Policy:

finrizefinserv.in has the right to make changes to this Privacy as per the convenience, at its discretion. You may receive a notification regarding the same via email or you can check it on our website (on regular review). Any changes made to the policy will take 7 days to come into effect from the date of modification. Keep a track of the modifications or keep reviewing the website from time to time.

Grievance Officer

Upon finding any grievances, discrepancies or requiring clarification related to the data provided to finrizefinserv.in, connect with our Grievance Officer.

Mr. Amit Kamboj

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If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, we can be reached using the contact information on our Contact Us page or at finrizefinserve@gmail.com

This Privacy Policy was last updated on: 27 December 2022